African Decent Festival Aka. AfroSoul

Admission: FREE!


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Admission: FREE!
Where: Thornton Park, Main street Science World
Date: Friday July 22, 2016: 12pm – 6:30pm
Saturday July 23, 2016: 12pm- 9:00pm

Tentative Set List: Pending Set Times
Day 1

12:00pm – Drums to open event Kara Kata
12:05pm – Audrey Siegl Indigenous Musqueam Ally
12:15pm – Arushi Raina (Story Teller)
12:30pm – Sarah-Audrey Mome (Poet)
12:50pm – Drum Cafe by [Kesseke Yao]
1:15pm – Wala Zaidan (Poet)
1:20PM – jamaican Consulate Wilma King
1:25PM – Commissioner Catherine Evans
1:30PM – Commissioner Stuart Mackinnon
1:35PM – Cicely-Belle Blain Black Live Matter Vancouver
1:45pm – Yasin Kiraga Executive Director
1:55pm – Kayod Fatoba Artistic Director
2:00pm – Councillor Geoff Meggs To Represent Mayor Robertson Gregor
2:10pm – John Hallen
2:15pm – Buk Nkosi
2: 20pm – Ruddy Ndina
2:25PM – President Analyn Walker
2: 30PM – Ava Nasiri President of UBC AMS
2:40PM – ‘Adanu’ ‘Habobo’ doing – Atsiagbekor
2: 55PM – Daniel Tseghay
3: 00PM – Tigist Asrate
3:05PM – Jason Bempong/Sleepless Mindz
3:15PM – Julialynne Walker
3:25PM – Ache Brasil

Day 2 [Entertainment]

12:00am – Kara-Kata Band
12:30pm – Vancouver Phoenix International Academy of Dance
1:00pm – Kasseke Yeo
1:30pm – Street Beat Entertainment
2:00pm – Councillor Raymond Louie
2:05pm – Street Beat Entertainment
2:30pm – Acholie Dance Group
2:45pm – Cascade ft Oluwa Toni
– Jace Kim – Public Art:Live Painting
3:55pm – Fashion Show Commences
Africstyle Fashion
4:15pm – Kara Kata Bands
5:00PM – Samba Fusion
5:30PM – Brooke Edgar
5:50PM – Afrocen3
6:10PM – Desiree Dawson CBC 2016 Spotlight Winner
6:25PM – DJ vinnie_bugatti
7:15PM – DJ Mansinisa
8:00PM – Kara – Kata
8:30PM – Akin [Headliner]
9:00PM – END

Wondering how to get involved?
We’re always looking for VOLUNTEERS, to join the movement

Run a local business? Community organization? If so apply for a booth!

Want to come out to sell food?

For artists, and other general attractions please fill any one of these links!

While other festivals in Vancouver are moving into their 20th year, we see this as an important movement to showcase the vibrant and thriving African community in Vancouver! #ADFest